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Here are some 𝙌 & 𝘼 for parents currently on a diet.
It’s a big topic, but let me answer briefly a few questions below;

𝙌: Is it possible to treat autism only with diet?
𝘼: Absolute NO! It is evident that diet is helpful in autism treatment, but diet alone’ does not cure autism.

𝙌: Gluten-casein-free diet VS Ketogenic diet (carbohydrate-restricted diet). Which one has a better therapeutic effect?
𝘼: If you look at the research, the effect appears to be similar or slightly superior to the ketone diet. In other words, both are effective, but neither diet can be considered superior unilaterally.

𝙌: If you recommend one of the gluten-casein-free diets vs. the ketogenic diets?
𝘼: If you are touched or in a mild case, I recommend a gluten-free diet.’ This is because the GFCF diet is more convenient and nutritionally safer than the ketogenic diet. However, if you are in a severe case or are elderly, we strongly recommend that you proceed with both methods.

𝙌: Is there no nutritional problem with a carbohydrate-restricted diet for growing children?
𝘼: From a nutritional point of view, vegans (carnivores) are much safer than vegans (vegetarians). While carnivores are only flawed in their fiber intake, the ketogenic diet is theoretically the closest to a complete diet because it doesn’t restrict eating vegetables that provide fiber. Therefore, this is a very safe and beneficial diet, even for growing children.

𝙌: How long do they have to go on a diet? Will they have to do it for the rest of life?
𝘼: My answer is simple. Continue until your child returns to normal. Even if you stop eating dairy and carbohydrates, it’s hard to be sure of a cure, but it’s evident that eating them accelerates degeneration in children. Therefore, the diet should be continued until normal levels are reached.

* Dietary Therapy to Defeat Autism