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This topic is extensive, so let’s keep it light and answer a few questions.

𝙌: Can diet alone cure autism?
The answer is an absolute NO!!! Diet can help with treatment but is not a “cure.”

𝙌: Were there cases that were cured without a diet?
𝘼: From my record, children under 30 months of age can be cured without diet if my herbal medicine is used correctly; it is infrequent for children over 36 months to be cured without diet.

𝙌: Which is more effective, a gluten-free or casein-free diet or a ketogenic diet (carbohydrate-restricted diet)?
𝘼: The research suggests that the effects are similar or slightly better with the ketogenic diet, meaning both are effective, but neither diet is superior.

W: Would you recommend a gluten-free, casein-free diet vs. a ketogenic diet?
𝘼: I would recommend a gluten-free, casein-free diet in mild cases.
The GFCF diet offers greater convenience and nutritional safety than the ketogenic diet. However, we strongly recommend both for more severe cases or older individuals.

𝙌: Is a carbohydrate-restricted diet nutritionally sound for a growing child?
Nutritionally speaking, being a complete carnivore (carnivore) is much safer than being a full vegetarian (vegetarian). This is because carnivores are only flawed in their fiber intake. In contrast, the ketogenic diet does not restrict the consumption of vegetables that provide fiber, making it close to the complete diet in theory. Therefore, it is also a safe and beneficial diet for growing children.

𝙌: How long do I need to be on a diet, maybe for life?
𝘼: My answer is simple. Proceed until your child is back to normal levels.
Stopping dairy and carbohydrates is not a cure, but it is evident that eating them accelerates the regression in children. Therefore, the diet should be continued until normal levels are reached.